Nelson May

Voice Overs and Message On Hold

Nelson is also a versatile Voice Actor, who can bring life to your copy whether it be for Radio, TV, Corporate, Message ON Hold, or Web Avatar Spokesmodels.


Nelson May can be the guy next door or he can be a water cooler (Culligan) or even a gas pump (Sonoco). He can be you new image for your TV or radio station. Nelson also reads audio video and specializes in medical and technical reads.


He is also the voice of the monkey on Career Builder’s Monkey Mail and has voice many web avatars and on hold message systems.


Now Nelson doesn’t do many dialects and accents, but he can do some really weird and wacked out voices that may fit you particular campaign.


By the way, if you didn’t already figure it out, you can click the speakers to here his voice demos.


Give him a try. He works hard and returns a script in 24 hours or less.


Nelson uses a Neuman TLM-103, a Presonus Bluetube Preamp, a DBX 266 Compressor/Limiter, an MBOX 2 and a Presonus Firestudio.

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